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What To Look For From Your Agency:
It is not difficult to find a Recruitment Agency (now often known as a Recruitment Consultancy). There are literally thousands of Agencies throughout the UK and, at last estimate, there are over 600 Agencies specialising in the IT and Telecommunications field. So how on earth do you select one or a number to work with in finding that important next job or assignment? Naturally you may be drawn towards one that is advertising a job that you are interested in. But how do you know that the Agency advertising the job is best placed to turn your application into a successful offer?

There are a couple of things that will easily help you start to filter the good from the ordinary from the bad. First up, look for the REC logo. The Recruitment and Employment Confederation - REC - is the trade association that Agencies who value their reputation will join. The REC provides very useful information about the market and lobbies UK Government and Europe regarding employment legislation that they wish to introduce. From your point of view, however, every Agency that joins the REC commits to follow a code of practice when dealing with clients, contractors and candidates and you will have the ability to lodge a complaint against an Agency if you do not feel that it has treated you fairly if they are a member of the REC. This is a powerful watchdog within the industry and ensures that standards are achieved and maintained.

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