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Attending Interviews - An Introduction:
Research the Company!
So you’ve been invited to interview and the job looks like one you would really be interested in. Well done! Now the work can really start and you’ll need to spend as much time preparing for it as attending it – perhaps more. We don’t mean buying a new suit and tie or a nice dress/outfit (although that may be required, depending on your wardrobe)….we mean researching the Company and rehearsing the types of questions that you are likely to be asked. Before the Internet it was extremely difficult to get information on Companies – their visions and aims, their performance and style of operation etc. You’d find yourself ‘phoning them up and asking for their annual report – which didn’t necessarily tell you much anyway. Nowadays their Website should provide you with a really clear picture of the Company and its intentions as well as its past performance, its products and services and its attitude as an Employer. You should study all of this carefully. Then do some boning up on their sector – so, if your interview is with Barclays look up Banking on Google and see what the pundits and soothsayers are predicting for that sector – refine it to retail banking and then technology in retail banking. If there is some big innovation coming along in the banking world then you need to have some broad understanding of it.

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