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CV Writing Guide - An Introduction:
What’s the purpose?
The word Curriculum Vitae literally translated means the story of your life. The words Curriculum Vitae are usually abbreviated to CV or C.V. In the USA it is more usual for the term Resume to be used and this is sometimes used in the UK although CV is more widely accepted. The possessive form of Curriculum Vitae / CV should be written as Curriculum Vitae's or C.V.'s or CVs. It is not usual and will be considered incorrect to write the abbreviated form in lower case.

In describing your achievements, your career to date and your capabilities always remember that the job of the CV is to attract interest in you and to convince the reader to meet with you at interview (or offer you the job without the need for an interview – although that is rare). As such it is essentially a sales document and should be designed to showcase what you have to offer to an Employer. It has little other purpose and although often referred to in the interview its work is largely done just by getting you there.

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